About Emily

Upon returning to her native Seattle in 1996 after a 10-year stint on the East Coast, Emily Russin worked as the managing editor of Seattle Weekly, the city’s largest alternative weekly paper. As the paper’s managing editor, she oversaw editorial staff and edited the arts, book, fashion, home, and food sections of the paper. During her five-year tenure, she received awards for her writing and editing. 

Emily’s writing experience ranges from numerous short stories and poems while pursuing her MFA at Emerson College in Boston to articles about the world of figure skating, book and movie reviews, and the evolution of her hometown. She also served time in the trenches as a proofreader, fact-checker, researcher, and fiction reader at The Atlantic Monthly. A former competitive skater and longtime figure skating fan, Emily became a senior writer and later the managing editor for the premiere skating publication International Figure Skating. 

As a freelance writer, Emily continues to follow her interests in books and films, food and travel, mothering and pop culture, and the city of Seattle. (And she’ll never turn down a chance to write about figure skating!)

Emily lives in Seattle with her husband and daughter.