Sunday, May 1, 2011

Backwaters 3

When you say Backwaters, most people think: ketu vallam. Right? Am I right?

Those are the large, water creatures (literal translation: "boat with knots") common to this part of the world, the ark-like rice barges that used to transport goods up and down the canal system. They are now primarily used to transport tourists up and down the canal system into the large Lake Vembanad.

Made of jackwood and featuring a thatched palm covering, these barges now accommodate overnight guests, with their own captain, cook, and mates, all ready to make your Backwaters experience complete. Many visitors choose to spend overnights on these vessels, but since we were at the Farm, we arranged for a full-day boat trip. Each boat is unique, crafted to house four, six, and what seemed like 20 passengers. They chug along, some louder than others, filling the network of waterways leading from the lake to the smaller canals.

We got our houseboat experience, complete with a multi-plate lunch and a breezy, shaded upper deck and deck chairs, and spent a glorious day aboard the Royal Star (photo above).

Come along for the ride!

Blissed out on board

Leading us to the lake

Sweet life on deck!

Lake Vembanad

The slow barge to Alleppey on Lake V.

Yoga break

Lunch is served...

 ....and how!

Boats of all sizes

Prime advertising spot

Life on the canals

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